Angeles City Map

You have heard the stories, and you have heard people talking about a single mans paradise. You have seen the knowing smiles, you have seen pictures of absolutely stunning bar girls and now it’s your turn to discover Angeles City Philippines.

But wait there’s a small problem. Angeles City is in the Philippines, a foreign country you know nothing about, and the question must be asked, if you visit Angeles City Philippines how are you going to find your way around?

That’s where we come in. Introducing the most comprehensive map of Angeles City Philippines available on the internet today, and it’s all yours absolutely free.

As the boy scout motto proudly says “be prepared” and when it comes to visiting Angeles City Philippines, there is no better preparation than this exhaustively detailed map.

This amazingly detailed map has been formulated by expatriates who reside in Angeles City Philippines and between them have over 40 years experience in this single mans paradise. Thanks to this map you may wander around Angeles City Philippines exploring all that this exciting destination has to offer, without ever getting lost or disorientated.

Over the last decade Angeles City Philippines has developed and expanded at a rapid pace and is not only the fastest growing city in the Philippines, but arguably one of the fastest growing cities in all of Asia. Previously it was hard to keep track of all the changes, but now thanks to this comprehensive map which is constantly updated, both the newest visitors to Angeles and the Angeles City veterans can keep abreast of the changes as they happen.  

The main area of interest for visitors to Angeles City Philippines is called Fields Avenue. Fields Avenue is located in an area named Balibago and it boasts literally hundreds of establishments that comprise the  nucleus of the famous Angeles City Philippines entertainment district.

Fields Avenue and the immediate environs is the home of some of the most exciting bars in Asia. These bars and the beautiful bar girls form the nucleus of the Angeles City Philippines entertainment district and are complimented by numerous restaurants, eateries, hotels, open air entertainment venues and a myriad of small businesses.

Apart from the bars there is a huge diversity of businesses on Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines from motorbike rentals, internet cafes and leather craft shops, through to pool stick makers, cell phone shops, supermarkets and convenience stores. This brilliant interactive map locates and details them all along with the location of money changers banks and ATM machines.

If you want to locate anything on Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines then look no further than this fabulous interactive map, and it’s all yours absolutely FREE.

The main section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines, that contains the majority of bars is called Walking Street, which is clearly delineated on this map. The idea behind Walking Street was to make a section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines a street where there was no motorized vehicles and people could simply stroll amongst the bars and other entertainment venues. This was based on Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand.

On Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines the main attraction is the bars, and whilst it may seem fairly easy to locate all the bars because the majority are on a section of Fields Avenue named Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City Philippines, the fact is this area called Walking Street is actually quite extensive and can get a little confusing. That is where this map comes into its own. Each bar on the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines is clearly delineated and when you click on the bar information about that establishment will be displayed.

This means that by using this map not only can you locate a bar on Walking Street Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines but you can actually get an idea of what the bar is like. The information is presented like a short review and gives you the essentials such as prices, the bars ambience, the bars policies etc. In short this map helps you prepare yourself for a visit to the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines and is in fact an indispensable tourist guide.

Apart from the bars on the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue, Angeles City Philippines there are in fact many little bars that are located down small side streets or hidden away in little nooks and crannies. These bars can literally be little gems and with this map you will be able to find them all.

The bright lights of Fields Avenue, Walking Street Angeles City Philippines are an enticing display of unabashed erotic hedonism and with this map you will be able to familiarize yourself with each one and thoroughly plan your trip to Angeles City Philippines. From the big show bars such as Doll-House and Atlantis through to the medium size bars such as Shipwrecked, Viking and Insomnia and of course the hidden little gems such as Bar Hoppin Bar, Texas Bar and Tight Jeans, this map has them all.

If the bar is located on Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines or in the general vicinity of Balibago Angeles City Philippines you will be able to find it on this map.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Not only does this map help you locate the bars but it shows the location of  restaurants and hotels that reside in the Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines area and the map once again gives essential information about each establishment.

On the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines  there are a number of hotels that offer a whole range of accommodation options.  These range from the Royal Amsterdam Hotel and the Genesis Hotel which are both located on the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue Philippines and offers accommodation at the lower price range from 2500 piso through to 5000 peso for one nights accommodation. Both hotels are immaculately maintained, efficiently run, and located in the heart of Walking street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines.

There are also a number of other accommodation options in the general vicinity of Walking Street Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines and this accommodation is some of the best hotels Angeles City Philippines has to offer. For example there is the Wild Orchid Resort which features high quality rooms and two spectacular swimming pools surrounded by a tropical garden setting. Other accommodation options include the Pacific Breeze hotel, The Penthouse Hotel on A. Santos Street which offers excellent accommodation only a 2 minute stroll from the heart of Walking Street Fields Avenue, Angeles City Philippines. One brand new hotel which offers an excellent standard of accommodation is the impressive Central Park Hotel.  Both the Penthouse and the Central Park Hotel are literally a short two minute stroll from the very heart of Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City Philippines which is definitely the major

advantage this accommodation has to offer. Both hotels also boast rooftop swimming pools that offer superb views of Fields Avenue and indeed Angeles City as a whole. They also provide an excellent area to hang out with a special friend and enjoy a resting relaxing time. 

Another hotel worthy of special mention is Fields Plaza Suites which is situated on Vian Street and MacArthur Highway. This establishment is owned by the same people who own the Angeles Beach Club hotel ABC and is basically a series of luxuriously appointed condos which are in close proximity to Walking Street Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines.

There are also a number of smaller and cheaper hotels providing viable accommodation options close to Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines. An example of this is The Swiss Chalet Hotel and Kokomos. In the case of Swiss Chalet this is a small boutique hotel boasting ten rooms, situated on Real Street, it is within a stones throw of some of Angeles premier bars and only a very short stroll from the center of the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines.  Then in the case of Kokomos, as the map clearly shows, this is a complex containing approximately 15 hotel rooms, 2 bars and the famous Kokomos restaurant. The major advantage of this accommodation is that it is literally right in the very center of Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City Philippines, giving customers easy access to all the bars and exciting nightlife options that exemplify Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines.

The Orchid Inn is another hotel residing within a stones throw of Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines. The Orchid Inn is situated on the corner of Real Street and Raymond Street and offers excellent accommodation for patrons who like to escape the hustle and bustle of Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines but at the same time be close enough that they can easily partake in the action should they decide to do so.

Another hotel which has a very convenient location when it comes to access to Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines is the Queens Hotel. The Queens Hotel is one of the newer hotels in Angeles, and is situated in a little side street which runs between Skytrax disco and Angelwitch bar. This hotel could be a little difficult to find but with the help of this detailed map, this will no longer be the case.

This map clearly shows where the Queens Hotel is and how to get there. The map also provides an informative review of the Queens Hotel including it’s famous restaurant Piccolo Padre  which is a genuine 4 star restaurant and consistently rated the best restaurant in Angeles City Philippines.

As stated previously there is a vast range of entertainment options included in Walking Street and Fields Avenue as a whole and one of these is the wide range of eateries and restaurants. On the Walking Street section of Fields Avenue alone there are at least twenty restaurants and eateries offering a truly diverse range of foods. Some of these include Mexican fast food situated outside High Society down the Mac Arthur Highway end of Walking Street, Red Sea Arabic and Indian restaurant, the famous shwarma shop which has been serving hungry bar hoppers with delicious snacks for close on twenty years.

Traditionally Angeles restaurants have been all about serving decent food at reasonable prices  and those situated on Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines often feature an open air design allowing customers to sit and enjoy that exotic tapestry of life on Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines, as it unfolds before their eyes.  Three examples of this are Paradise Beer Garden, Grand Central Café, and Kokomos. Each of these restaurants are situated in Walking Street Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines and specialize in quick consistent quality food that people can enjoy while watching Fields Avenue, or take out for home consumption.

Slightly up from Walking Street but still on Fields Avenue is Phillies which like the restaurants mentioned previously is more like a high quality open air diner. The map clearly shows viewers the restaurants location and offers a review of Phillies and the entertainment options available in this establishment.  Phillies has live bands playing regularly which draw a large number of patrons who enjoy live rock and roll but primarily they are a restaurant serving the equivalent of  American diner food.

Most of the Hotels situated within the general proximity of Walking Street, Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines have quality restaurants but the pinnacle restaurant in my opinion, is that of Piccolo Padre located in the Queens Hotel. This is a genuine four star restaurant featuring superb French cuisine for those with a sense of style and a penchant for the finer things in life.

From the Angeles Beach Club Hotel (ABC) to approximately Phillies is another unofficial area commonly referred to as upper Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines. This area is distinct from Walking Street in as much as traffic is still allowed on the streets 24/7. In upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines there is a large diversity of businesses and entertainment options. The upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines area incorporates most of Angeles City renowned hotels including the Angeles Beach Club hotel (ABC), the Queens Hotel, the Orchid Inn and the Central Park Hotel. There is also a diverse range of restaurants and eateries plus some of Angeles City Philippines most established bars.

Once again the primary entertainment in upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines is the bars. Upper Fields Avenue is home to famous bars such as Brown Sugar, Insomnia, Bar Hoppin’, White Wave, D’Club Stampede, Camelot, Ponytails, and others. Many of these bars have existed for a substantial number of years while others are comparatively new, and even though they may differ in terms of longevity they all have one thing in common in that they provide an exciting nightlife option that is the hallmark of Angeles City Philippines.

Traditionally the bars in upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines tend to have a slightly lower pricing structure than those of Walking Street Angeles City Philippines which has led longer term customers to view these bars as being less commercial and more customer friendly. This interactive map clearly shows where each bar is located and in so doing provides a handy guide for patrons exploring the upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines area. The map also provides a short review of each bar when you click on the icon shown. The area of upper Fields Avenue Angeles City Philippines is definitely a separate area to that of Walking Street Angeles City Philippines and is generally viewed as being more relaxed and easy going than the main drag. Whether this is true or not we think depends on the customers point of view but at the end of the day all these bars no matter their location have one thing in common. Each of them represents an exciting entertainment option and every one of them has beautiful women just waiting to meet you.

A separate area is Don Juico Avenue known colloquially as Perimeter Road.  This is generally assumed as starting at checkpoint (an area so called because in years

gone by when Angeles City Philippines was dominated by American military they would check motor vehicles here) and ending at Friendship Highway.

Perimeter Road is a natural extension of Fields Avenue and like Fields it contains a huge diversity of businesses and entertainment venues.  Best of all nearly every one of them is marked on this map making it easy for you to find.

In terms of the most frequently visited places the bars rule and they have put Don Juico Avenue (Perimeter Road) on the proverbial map. The bars for the most part are contained in clusters of four or five bars and they are on the whole regarded as being more “old school” in their approach. When it comes to the old school approach this means the prices are usually lower, there is not as much pressure to buy ladies drinks and the bars as a whole operate on a more simplistic level.

Generally speaking the Perimeter Road bars contain fewer girls and the emphasis is on friendly relaxed communication between the girls and the customers. These bars also take on the role of a local drinking place or what I like to refer to as the local pub role. This means that on any given day you will find Angeles City Philippines expatriates sitting in the bars enjoying a chat with the girls and a social drink or three.

Among the bars are some famous names that are very much part of Angeles City Philippines entertainment history. Near check point there is the big Ponytails bar owned by the Dollhouse group, and next to it Stampede bar Cherry’s bar and two Korean owned bars   Lune Time and Show Time. The next cluster of bars is slightly further along Don Juico (Perimeter Road) just past the imposing Lewis Grand Hotel. These include such iconic bars as Candy Bar. Det 5, the Drill Shack, XXX Bar, Bare Assets and Big Hits sports bar. Of these all are pretty much normal bars except Big Hit’s which is more of a pub featuring sporting events beamed in from all over the world.

Continuing up Don Juico (Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines) heading towards Friendship Highway we then come to several clusters of smaller bars and the next significant cluster is just before the long standing and much respected Clarkton Hotel.  This area contains famous little bars such as Lost in Asia, Roadies and After School. All these bars cater to a wide range of customers and to learn

more about them simply click on the icon illustrated on the map.  Of these bars perhaps the most well known is Lost in Asia which ahs been the scene of some truly memorable parties and drinking sessions.

Don Juico (Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines) is also the location of some of Angeles City Philippines classic hotels and restaurants. One particular example that springs to mind is the Lewis Grand Hotel. This impressive edifice and inspiring landmark contains 60 rooms and an awesome swimming pool in a tropical garden setting. The Lewis Grand provides luxury accommodation at realistic prices and also marks the beginning of distinct section of Don Juico (Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines). There are numerous other hotels on Don Juico )Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines) and they cater for a wide range of different tastes and budgets.  Some of the better known ones include The Clarkton Hotel, The Sydney Hotel, The Boomerang Hotel which as the name suggests is designed around an Australian theme, the Oasis Hotel, Sunset Garden Hotel, and the Maharajah hotel. Every one of these hotels and many lesser known ones are clearly identified on this map.

Don Juico (Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines) is also the home of some of the best restaurants in Angeles. Some time honored names that spring to mind include The Cottage Kitchen which serves its now famous Southern Creole fare, Siam House the longest existing Thai restaurant in Angeles City Philippines, Puzzles Restaurant and Porky’s which is pretty much a mixture between  a restaurant and a bar. There are also many restaurants attached to individual hotels and these over the years have refined their offerings to exactly what the market demands and they charge accordingly. In other words these restaurants supply good quality food at reasonable prices. The restaurant at the Clarkton Hotel is a case in point and it has been the favorite of those in the know for at least the last 15 years. Other restaurants attached to hotels that are worthy of a mention include the restaurant at the Oasis Hotel and the Lewis Grand restaurant.

If you are looking for the location of anything in Angeles City Philippines then chances are you will find it on this map. This map is user friendly, extremely detailed and provides an invaluable tool for the new visitor to Angeles City Philippines or the Angeles expatriate who is trying to keep track of his rapidly changing environment. Best of all this map is absolutely FREE.

ABC Hotel
-- ABC Hotel
Lewis Grand Hotel
-- Lewis Grand Hotel
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