Outside Yu-Fu-In Angeles City, Philippines

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  Hours: 11AM to 2PM
Tel: (045) 625-5537
Website: Click Here
Address: 1st Street, Balibago, Angeles City
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Last night Jacklaw and his boss lady Mia invited SWMBO and myself out to dinner at
Yu Fu In. This is a Japanese restaurant just across from the Jeepney terminal that is within close proximity to SM Mall.

I have heard rave reports about this place with many claiming it to be better than Niji which is my favorite. I must admit to some curiosity but at the same time I was skeptical because Niji has always been excellent in my experience.

We arrived about half past 8 and there was no parking space to be found. They have space for about 7 cars out front but these were all full with SUV 's and other vans.

The restaurant has a downstairs section which would seat about thirty people. There are some bigger tables which can seat up to 10 people and there are a number of smaller tables that have been partitioned of using paper screens in a typical Japanese fashion.

The restaurant also has an upstairs section where they do the Tepanyaki (hot plate) style cooking. I never made it up there so unfortunately cannot report on what it is like.

On a side section there are two rooms which feature four sectioned off dining tables with each table comfortable for four people. To enter this room one has to remove ones shoes but fear not this is not strictly traditional Japanese dining where one sits on the a mat on the floor with legs folded, but rather these tables are sunken into a sort of pit which means us bigger foreigners still have plenty of leg room.

Now onto the food. Well I gotta say the food here was absolutely fantastic and yes in my opinion it is better than Niji.

The sushi is simply amazing and so fresh it literally melts in your mouth. As Jack gleefully pointed out you can still see the fish oil on the salmon.

SWMBO is partial to tempura and I have to admit I stole a few of her pieces, and they were fabulous to.

Overall I much prefer the design of Niji and the convenience however the bottom line for any restaurant is always the food and the food here is the best Japanese cuisine I have ever had in the Philippines.

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Angeles City, Philippines
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