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Siam House
Tel: 892-1500
Address: 550C.Don.Juico Avenue, Malabanias
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The Siam House is a Thai Food Restaurant first opened in 2004. It is jointly owned by a Thai national and a Filipina and over the years has become a very popular restaurant for tourists and expats alike in Angeles city.

This is a very simple restaurant with basic Thai cuisine prepared for a variety of taste buds. Generally speaking the food at Siam is not as spicy as normal Thai food however they can add extra spice upon request. The restaurant is very decently priced with the average dish being approximately 300 peso. Normally for a table of four persons it will cost less than 1500 peso.

Siam restaurant is patronized by numerous Filipinos as well as local expats and tourists. They also do a booming take out take trade and whilst dining there we saw at least 5 takeout orders leaving through the front door.

The Menu
Daily specials are written on a white board on the left hand side of the restaurant. They have a nice range of side dishes such as the shredded green papaya salad. One of my favorites in Thai cuisine is the green curry. This is available as Chicken Pork or Beef. Delicious Thai style fried rice with a choice of ingredients ranging from pork or chicken through to a range of seafood. Beef pork or chicken skewered with delicious peanut butter flavored satay sauce.

The classic red curry another personal favorite and very well done in the Siam House. The servings look small in these photos but appearances can be deceiving and one bowl of curry with rice will easily serve two people. They have a good range of drinks including alcoholic drinks however my favorite is the coconut juice imported from Thailand. The best chill sauce in town and you can purchase a jar of this for use at you so desire.

The seating here is fairly basic yet comfortable. There are 5 tables with four seats along the restaurants right hand side. The seating capacity is for a maximum of 26 people. Along the right hand side the chairs are made of steel with vinyl covering, on the left hand side they have large plastic chairs.

The decorations like the rest of the restaurant are fairly simplistic. On the left hand side as you walk in there is a small sort of rock garden with a Buda and a plastic chef. Of course there is a framed photograph of the much revered King of Thailand. They also have a large range of curry pastes and chili sauces so you can try your hand at Thai coking in the culinary safety of your own home.

Two large air-conditioning units placed by the front door keep the restaurant delightfully chilled. The part time chef and one of the friendly and efficient waitresses. They are Filipinas and do not speak Thai however if the owner is present Thai will not be a problem.

This is not what I would call authentic Thai food in that the cuisine is generally prepared for the inexperienced palate and they tend to go very lightly on the spices. However if you request extra spice they will accommodate you. If you like Thai cuisine at a very decent price then this restaurant will be perfect for you. I have always walked away from here with a full tummy and only a small dent in my wallet.

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Siam House
Angeles City, Philippines
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