Outside Robs Gastropub Angeles City, Philippines

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Robs Gastropub
  Hours: 11am Till 4am
Tel: (045) 322 5984
Website: Click Here
Address: Corner A. Santos St. & Vian St., Balibago
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Finally decided to check out Rob's.

To start off; it's a great looking modern bar with plenty of very nice TV for sports viewing. Something I would expect for a sports pub in the USA vs Angeles.

We ordered chicken curry, nacho chips (grated/shredded cheese only with jalapenos and tomatoes), and an angus burger.

Chips have out with 90% cheese spread. Returned. Came back with 90% cheese spread. I reexplained what grated/shredded cheese is once again. Ironically, the menu description uses the term "grated" - you would think they know what it means. Third time is came back with barely melted shredded cheese, forgot the tomatoes, and a few jalapenos. I said, fuck it, time to eat. On the plus side, the price for the chips was reasonable (220p) and it came with a large bowl of fresh salsa that was excellent (hard to find good salsa here).

Chicken curry came in a small bowl with 3-4 small wing/drumstick pieces in a "curry" sauce. It was described as slightly fruity and it was. However, I wouldn't describe it as anything close to a traditional curry and one of the worst I've hard in AC, let alone in other countries. Cost for this small dish with poor curry (~400p).

Angus burger was requested medium with just lettuce and tomato. It came with globs of mayo. To make this easy on the staff I just requested a new bun and piece of lettuce (old one was covered in mayo). They came back in 3 minutes with it. I prefer burgers touted as being premium quality to be straight up ground beef. This one was overly salty and some kind of mixture added to it if I were to guess. It slightly reminded me a meatloaf and was a bit loose texture. One of my least favorite in AC, but better than Jolibbe I guess. McD is better, let alone Charlies, burger shack, bunny burger, etc. Fries were large potato wedges and they were pretty tasty.

Positives: Service was pretty good. I don't blame the waitstaff for errors, I requested she write orders down as I stated and she did. The cooks are the mentally challenged ones. Setting aside having to explain to them what shredded/grated cheese is, they were pretty good. Checking on my meal, asked how it was, and brought my bill promptly. GF said they wanted me out the door quickly. Good selection of beer as well.

I would recommend it for sporting events, but can't recommend the food whatsoever. For curry, Swiss Chalet is 10* better, bigger, and 15+% less price. For burgers, head to Charlies; 10* better at 1/2 the price. Sorry Rob.

Didn't feel the need for pictures.

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Robs Gastropub
Angeles City, Philippines
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