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Night Moves
Hours: 12pm - 10pm
Address: Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias, Angeles City
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Local Drinks70p
Ladies Drinks120p
Double Ladies Drinks240p
For some strange reason this was the first time I have ever stepped into Nightmoves and to be totally frank both Tim and myself were rather impressed. In the case of Nightmoves the exterior belies the interior. From the outside it looks like your typical grungy Perimeter road bar, but like Doctor Who's TARDIS, the interior is a whole other story. Inside this is a big new bar and the lineup, on the day we visited, was nothing short of impressive.

The dancers are divided into two groups with the first group comprising about 11 girls, and the second group 15 girls. In the first group there were 3 or 4 stunners, and I mean stunners. They were so impressive both Tim and myself did a double take, whilst asking ourselves, what the fuck is going on here. I am talking 18, 19, and 20 year old girls with great bodies, no babies, beautiful faces and all the tantalizing moves. Hell they even made eye contact and flashed flirtatious smiles. Best of all some even sported the "fuck me boots", which is nearly always a plus in my book.

There didn't seem to be any uniform dress code, but then again maybe there was and I just didn't notice it because I was to busy trying to stop Tim from tripping over his drooping tongue.

The bar is an interesting design with a stage against the right hand side wall, a heavy emphasis on timber, a functional music system with a flat screen monitor subtly placed to one side above the dancers, several tables inside booths, some stand alone tables facing directly towards the stage, good lighting so you can see everything and a pool table up the back.

The service was good, the pricing realistic (75 piso for a local drink), music played at the right volume, no ladies drink pressure, good air conditioning, a well stocked "wet bar" and some seriously good looking girls.

Best of all, the clientele seemed to be mainly local guys who were busy drinking and conversing with each other, leaving the girls free for myself and Tim to lasciviously gawk at.

I have mentioned my positive experience to several people who are Perimeter Road regulars and all seemed surprised, as indeed were Tim and myself. One guy claimed to be a regular visitor to Nightmoves and told me he has never seen any stunning girls in there but this was certainly not the case when Tim and I visited.

I counted 18 customers when we were there including myself and Pet Fish.

Overall I found Nightmoves an impressive bar and would gladly recommend it.

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Night Moves
Angeles City, Philippines
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