Outside Nice Bike Angeles City, Philippines

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Nice Bike
  Hours: 8am Till 6pm
Tel: 0918 456 4957
Website: Click Here
Address: 490 Suite C, Don Juico Ave.,Angeles City
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Nice Bike is a motorcycle rental store that has been operating for the last four years on field Avenue. The shop is open daily from 8pm till 6pm every day of the week. Nice Bike offers a larger variety of Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki bikes ranging from larger trail and road bikes down to small scooters and most in between. This variety in available bikes means there is always a bike to suit the needs and the price range of any customer.

Nice bike is run by a German, Roland Welte and his Pilipino girlfriend Maritess Alberca. Both are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the business and a great source of information not only for customers but also for anybody looking for recommendations on any aspects about motorcycles.

When renting a bike you have the option to pre-book either over the internet on their website www.nice-bike.com or over the phone, just call 09184564757. Alternately you have the option of just going directly to the store and hiring a bike on the spot, though throughout the year the popularity of various bikes shifts so without a pre-booking you are not guaranteed to get what you want. The most commonly hired bikes tend to be the smaller cheaper scooters thus if this is what you are looking for they tend to have a much larger available stock of them increasing the likely hood of not requiring any pre-booking. However if you are looking to hire one of the 400cc steeds to go riding with the boys I would defiantly recommend pre-booking.

The Nice bike website has a very simple and easy to navigate layout that allows anybody to effortlessly gather any information that they want on any of the bikes available for hire. Additionally the site includes ample information on how to contact the owners such as through the email address shop@nice-bike.com or the phone number 09184564957. Also there is a map that makes it simple to locate the store at stall 490-C,Don Juico Avenue Clarkview Angeles City, right next door to the Blue Book. Most important there is also the option to book your hired bike in advance on the site.

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Nice Bike
Angeles City, Philippines
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