Outside Ice Bar Angeles City, Philippines

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Ice Bar
Hours: 2pm - 11pm
Address: Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias, Angeles City
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Local Drinks65p
Ladies Drinks130p
Double Ladies Drinks250p
We strolled from Drill Shack up to Ice bar and upon entering we were once again pleasantly surprised. This bar was crowded (I would estimate about 17 customers) the aircon's were working well, the music was an interesting mix of music for the customers and music for the girls. The beer was cold and realistically priced, plus there were some rather fine specimens of pinay womanhood gracing the stage. I also noticed that even though we were stuck sitting around the managers table, due to lack of other options, the girls still managed to smile and make eye contact with us.

From what I can remember there were two separate groups of dancers with each group being comprised of about 12 to 14 girls. There were also about 5 or 6 girls sitting with customers enjoying ladies drinks. Best of all, among'st the dancers there were a few "lookers", and once again Tim's tongue was hanging out, as he tried desperately not to fall in love. I think we saw about 5 girls who we both thought were pretty special.

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Ice Bar
Angeles City, Philippines
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