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Fire Pit
Tel: 09272860127
Hours: 2pm - 11pm
Address: 12-14 Don Juico Avenue, Clarkview, Angeles City
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Local Drinks65 p
Ladies Drinks120p
Double Ladies Drinks240p
Lately I have been reading and hearing a lot about Firepit, so it seemed only natural that we should pay it a visit. The general consensus is that there is a large amount of girls in a small bar, with reasonable Perimeter Road prices. This is indeed exactly the case.

Word on the street is that this bar employs 75 dancers, which I cannot verify or deny. When we were there I noticed the girls were wearing number tags, and the highest number I saw was 60. With this amount of girls in a small bar one has to think his odds of pulling the trigger are pretty good, and I must admit, there were some real cuties there which I found sorely tempting.

Firepit is an interesting design im as much as it seems very haphazard. There is a semi circular stage in the middle of the bar and this literally dominates everything. Crammed onto the stage were about 26 girls which made it literally impossible for the picky mongerer, to see each girl individually. I was about to comment on this, when low and behold, a mamasan clapped her hands and the girls all did something akin to a rotation. I was suitably impressed

In Firepit it is hard to get ones bearings as there doesn't seem to be any organized seating plan. Funnily enough this seemed to work for me, and combined with the sheer number of girls, I believe this contributes to the party atmosphere inside the bar. Having said that, it must be hard for the waitresses to navigate through the maze without spilling drinks, and yet despite the odds, they seem to do it.

Good party atmosphere, lots of girls with a healthy percentage of attractive ones, realistic pricing, good air conditioning, cold beer, girls that actually dance rather than doing the AC shuffle, and a friendly, affable owner.

When we entered Tim and myself couldn't find a seat near the stage, so we were ushered to a big table that turned out to be the managers table. We were sitting there enjoying our drinks , and chatting about life while ogling girls, when the bloke behind us interjected with a funny comment. Low and behold it turns out he is the new owner.

I enjoyed Firepit but I wouldn't rave about it like I have heard many do. I will definitely go back there as it comprises some hot girls and there is certainly a lively party atmosphere, which in my book distinguishes it from many other bars, both on Perimeter and Fields.

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Fire Pit
Angeles City, Philippines
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