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Candy Bar
Hours: 12pm - 12am
Address: 812 Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias, Angeles City
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Local Drinks70p
Ladies Drinks140p
Double Ladies Drinks290p
Candy bar is for many the classic Perimeter Road bar. It has a reputation for good looking friendly girls, realistic pricing, friendly management and a good party atmosphere. On the day we visited there were about ten girls dancing and another five or six sitting around with customers, enjoying ladies drinks.

To be honest I was not that impressed with the lineup here and it seemed a bit down on what it usually is. Not sure if this was because it was Sunday, or because some had exited already.

There were about 15 customers inside with a lot of drinking action going on around the managers table. Both managers made an effort to swing by and say hello which was very much appreciated and made me feel more than welcome. I think the "cheers" aspect is very much part of Candy Bras popularity, and to this extent kudos to both managers.

Music was good and played at the right level, aircon was perfect, atmosphere was party like, pricing realistic and the girls very friendly. The only disappointment was the lineup. Not that it was bad but I was expecting better.

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Candy Bar
Angeles City, Philippines
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