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Bunny Burger
  Hours: 8am to 2am
Tel: 0929-745-2334
Website: Click Here
Address: Fields ave, Balibago, Angeles City
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Was making a short trip down to Subic a few days ago I and my traveling companions decided to get a quick bite to eat before we left. We decided to stop in a place that has been getting a lot of mention from different guys in the bars. One of those conversations sort of followed these lines “hey have you tried Bunny Burger? Great burgers!”

So based on this we decided to hit this little known spot for a quick bite. Actually they do not have only burgers there is quite an extensive menu for a small establishment. I should mention we also had to wait for seating which luckily became available the same time our food was ready, which was rather quickly. Hmmmm this place seems popular….

One of our group only wanted some veggies so he ordered some of the mushy peas (around 4 orders I think hahaha) and some French fries or chips for our non American brothers and he was really happy. In fact he mentioned mmmmm good not hard like the canned ones from the supermarket.

I and the other traveler decided to get a burger and I must say it was full of salad, beetroot and just how I like my Aussie burgers “the works”. Felt like I was down under.

Well, my American companion not really an expert on Aussie burgers asked with salad do you mean you get a side order of salad with it. Hahahaha no mate it means like your American version with lettuce tomato etc etc

One thing I should make note of here is please review the different selections on this extensive menu because burgers in one country are not always the same way in other countries and guys this is not Burger King but you can have it your way.

When asked with beetroot sir my American traveling companion just looked at her and said WITH WHAT??? BEETS ON A BURGER?? Needless to say pay extra attention you may get more or even less than what you think you have ordered. He then noticed Uncle Sam Burger on the menu and felt right at home.

The works is also something one needs to be aware of. Aussies know what it means but for you yanks and others it may bring you a few surprises hahahaha…..

The Bunny Burger also offers great fish and chips, an extensive Breakfast menu, and according to our new vegetarian companion a great fish sandwich.

We left quite content and as My Uncle Sam Burger Mate said “ WOW that was pretty good I will definitely be giving this place a return visit. This is just what the Angeles Bar area needed good food, fast, and convenient.

The Bunny Burger also delivers, their menu is available in many bars and they have spare copies available for you if you like.

Definitely a nice surprise good food, quickly served, nice customer service from the staff, clean environment, and quite an extensive menu for a small establishment oh and did I mention good food….. the most important part.

Now I know a place to stop by to grab that “after bar hop hunger quencher” for eat in or take out.

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Bunny Burger
Angeles City, Philippines
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