Outside Aussie Slouch Bar Angeles City, Philippines

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Aussie Slouch Bar
Hours: -
Address: Constain St. Angeles City Philippines
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Prior to visiting Bar Hoppin bar I had heard all about it from members of the crowd that like to hang out there. I knew where it was located but for me the description of the bar seemed to contradict with what it should be like given its location.

So eventually on a night off I decided there is and a bar.
only one way to see what this bar is really like and that’s to go there myself. The following is a report of my findings
Bar Hoppin bar has a number of features that I really like in a bar. Firstly it has a fantastic sound system with an exhaustive music library. I then asked the manager to play a few old songs from the seventies and to my absolute astonishment he had them.

Bar Hoppin also features a comfortable outside seating area in front of the building. This is a great place to hang out during the day time and relax while you watch the world go by. It is nice and cool with overhead fans and cold drinks are served from the bar.

Inside Bar Hoppin bar they have seating and tables directly by the dance floor which caters for about 12 people comfortably. This gives the customers direct interaction with the dancers. Set back from the bar they have some comfortable lounges where those of us who seek a little more privacy can sit and relax with a chosen honey-ko.

Another thing which I really liked about Bar Hoppin was the large managers table at the end of the bar. This table can seat up to 8 people comfortably and is a great social gathering point where tall tales are swapped and copious amounts of alcohol are consumed.

This bar being slightly off the beaten track caters for loyal return customers who adopt it as ‘their bar’. This is very evident when you look at the managers table. The manager is friendly and not shy to buy a round or two and the girls are not pushy when it comes to ladies drinks.

Bar Hoppin bar details are as follows.

: The bar opens at 5pm and closes at 2am.
: Happy hour is from 6pm through to 8pm and the prices are 55p for a local drink and 125 for imported drinks. Ladies drink 135 peso.
: There are approximately 30 dancers and 10 waitresses.

Personal opinion

This is an interesting little bar with the emphasis on drinking and partying. In many ways it belies its location in that unlike its neighboring bars it has dancers, fantastic air-conditioning, a well known manager, an excellent sound system, a well stocked bar and in many ways it resembles the sort of bar you would expect to find on the main strip of Fields Avenue.

I liked the bar and would definitely recommend it as an essential stop on ones bar hop.

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Aussie Slouch Bar
Angeles City, Philippines
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